16 May 2019

2109 / 47

20:30 – 22:15
Cooler, but clear with little cloud. 8° – 9°C. Wind NE 2, falling still later.

I have come in from Woodside, and Marshalls Row is alive with birdsong and bursting with lovely young birches. Lost again in shades of green…

There must be a dozen Blackbirds singing, the sound carrying far int he relative stillness of this low lying patch. 2 or 3 Song Thrushes, at least one Mistle Thrushes. Robins underneath that, and the occasional burst of Dunnock cutting across everything. Wrens don’t seem to sing in the evenings…
It is rich too in warblers, which is a delightful phrase to write as it is certainly one I have not used to describe the Wood before. On the way down – past the rabbits (three tonight) – I had good views of a male Blackcap in one of the perimeter silver birches, and around the Ash stream there must be at least six others. 3 Chiffchaffs and at least two Willow Warblers. Best of all – and confirming what I thought last week, there is a Garden Warbler singing on territory. The 59th bird species for the site this year…

So we all know what will be number 60, assuming they come back at all? Still no Nightjars, which makes their arrival in 2019 the latest in the four years I have been recording here. And fewer active Woodcock tonight. Or at least, the Woodcock that are flying (5 or 6 birds) were less active and I recorded less than 20 sightings. This does include a superb low-level screaming and grunting skirmish between three birds at low level as I sat on my trees tump at the view point for 15 minutes between 21:45 and 22:00.
There was physical contact between the birds, tumbling around each other. Two then returned a few minutes after. Also tonight, another interesting Woodcock behaviour- ‘bouncing’ on the wing, almost like a tern…?

Three Pipistrelles always in the same places where there are trees on both sides of the track. They are so like Peacock butterflies!

The young Roe Deer was at Marshalls preening when I arrived, and the Roe Buck – presumably his father – was wandering down the track later. Three females on the farmland – which was otherwise devoid of anything.

Lovely to stand and gaze out over on leaving though, just leaning on a fencepost breathing in the splendour of cool silence and watching the night form.


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