15 May 2019

2019 / 46

20:30 – 22:15
Similar to yesterday. bright clear and blue. A degree or two warmer, and quite still

This evening I have brought the darkness and a melancholy stillness with me. A lowness of mood has been hard to shift all day, and my heavy heart sighs audibly. It takes to the wayleave at Butterfly Corner and a frenzied family of Long-tailed Tits to engage me with their cuteness. I don’t recall parking up or walking down to that point.

There’s a deer barking too. Further awakening.
I am just so very, very tired.

In the high seat at 20:50 and it is only a few minutes after sunset. The sky burns orange as the embers of the day glow over the farmland behind me. I can sit and watch the day dissolve, the light fade and the moonshine cast its silver pools on the clearfell.
Sit and sigh.There is consolation and comfort in the birdsong and the familiarity of place.

They are not here yet.
Unless they do not churr or fly around when they first arrive? This is of course possible – I would likely as not want to rest up after a week’s journey from Africa…!
But there are now one or two records from other parts of the county, so it really won’t be long.

The Hobby has stayed – I do hope he settles. Is he ‘singing’ as he circles The Middle Of The Wood…? Woodcock patrol diligently – I see presumably the same pair twice. 27 views of 5 or 6 birds?

Walking down the North side, there are still Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs singing.
later, the Mistle Thrush ‘quip quip quips’ and for a moment I freeze, listening. Is that… Wait… No.

21:30 and silence falls. Time to walk the circuit. Up passed the owls – there are still hissing, but tonight form within the West Wood and properly out of sight.
In the SE corner there’s a loud calling adult – can I assume this is a different bird and not part of this family? Or is it the male?What size territory do they cover.

On Friday, I have arranged to go to the new RSPB site at Franchises Lodge to help set up a territory mapping programme as they plan a ‘bio-blitz’ and ‘eco-audit’ next summer.Something else I don’t have time for…


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