12 April 2019

2019 / 28

14:00 – 16:00

Overcast and dull, but relatively mild 12°C. Light S/SE 3

With Tony Bunday and two dogs


It feels somehow different in here today.  An atmosphere of quiet calm, but just a degree TOO calm – there are no butterflies around (no sun, stiff breeze in some places) and virtually no birds particularly active.

We surprise the young Buzzard when we come upon him in Q3, and he drifts down the slope away from us and up over the clearfell. Later drifting lazily around, calling me to note that I haven’t seen a Sparrowhawk or Kestrel here for some time now.
There are a few Bullfinch around Velmore, and to show TB around a little since he was last he, we head off down the Bowery anticipating Muntjac and Firecrest. He has his camera ready, but they are absolutely not showing today and want be disturbed.

We do have one singing where Velmore emerges onto the Crossing, but he can’t hear it.

Walking up towards the viewpoint, two Herring Gulls go over, and a Lesser Black follows them. Tony then picks up the first hirundine of the year, heading north. A single Swallow, taking the yearlist total up to 53.

All round the track today there are freshly constructed horse ‘jumps’ built from tree stops and long branches. We dismantled them all and I told FC by text.
Should have taken pictures of them all first.



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